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Take a Deep Breath

(You have to read this one out loud)

Take a Deep Breath


And speak the memory of a foreign shore

Where pastels spilled on water stroked your back

In slow exhale to revisit once more

The visible eyes in a bedroom of black

Amazed that they loved you before

The lips found the words that they lacked.

At Yeats’ Grave

What else but a cold eye when all around

Your grave the ravens cry out for their own

Dead, begging their horsemen—the praying flies

On pilgrimage—to take their photographs

And pass by?

There’s Nothing Else I Want (Adam’s Villanelle)

That burning image will forever haunt

My mind: within—beyond—my promised land,

Despite my fears, there’s nothing else I want.

I think it’s meant to grab my hate, to taunt

My urge to see why all alone it stands.

That burning image will forever haunt

My love. She comes to me (yet strangely gaunt)

And bears a gift clenched hard within her hand.

Despite my fears, there’s nothing else I want

But what she grips; too innocent to daunt

Me now.  I swoon to feel my mind expand

That burning image.  Will Forever haunt

Me as I rush towards my end? A jaunt

Disrupts; the plants disperse: all turned to sand.

Despite my fears, there’s nothing else I want

But this new choice. We erred and sinned to flaunt

Our free will.  Though—I’m now alone with her and—

That burning image will forever haunt

Despite my fears—there’s nothing else I want.

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We are the Numb


Come follow me into the wooded hills

Away from all the jargon, nonsense, noise

And re-use old forgotten paths with me

Past beer cans, past junk food wrappers, past gum,

Past dead cigarette butts that could have sparked

A fire here where lightning needs no help:

The forest outskirts are dry—dry as sex Continue reading


My memory tends a garden plot,

But somehow sunflowers fail to grow.

The rose, of course, is everywhere: Continue reading

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