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Cambodia: Darkness

This is an important but intense entry. Readers be warned.

From Oct. 15, 2009 (written in stages throughout the day)

I am at Tuol Sleng (Genocide) Museum in Phnom Penh. Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge converted the school into a prison where they tortured and killed political enemies and their families. The Khmer Rouge documented their crimes with mug shots and photographs of emaciated victims. The photographs now line the rooms of the school-cum-prison-cum-museum. The city has done an incredible job with this minimalistic approach. A brochure and a few signs are adequate for background, and guides are available if desired; however, the way in which I have silently roamed the “classrooms” is, I believe, the most profound. The eyes of the victims captivated me. Especially the eyes of the women. Continue reading

Tyr’s Day Music Review: Athlete’s Black Swan

This was another purchase based on the previous accomplishments of a band. I have been an Athlete fan ever since I heard their first album Vehicles & Animals while I was backpacking around the British Isles. Joel Pott’s immediately recognisable voice has a pleading quality to it that makes me believe he means every word he sings (even if he is a snarky bastard in real life). Their last forgettable album held my attention only briefly, so I was awaiting a return to form. Wrong.

The first song, “Superhuman Touch,” has a Keanean synth quality to it that is impressively worked into Athlete’s trademarked sound (of synth parts similar to the Final Fantasy “Crystal Theme”). It’s an energetic intro to a slow blah album. To be fair, the first three songs are fine. Continue reading

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