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Tyr’s Day Music Review: (Sigur Ros’) Jonsi’s Go

Double dose of reviews today! I was just too excited about this album (released on April 6) not to post the review as soon as it was done.

Sigur Rós is on an indefinite hiatus, but fortunately their lead singer, Jón Þór Birgisson, has released a solo album in the interim. If you are familiar with Sigur Rós, then you are used to not understanding a single word sung. Their songs are either in Icelandic or in the band’s own made-up language Hopelandic. The vocals are just another instrument and you can let your imagine fill in possible lyrics. In fact, on ( ), you are supposed to do this and record what you want to hear in the blank liner notes.

In the first track, “Go Do”, on Jónsi’s solo debut Go, I immediately started imaging English phrases to fit the words he sings: “Go sing. Too loud. Make your voice break. Sing it out.” Wait. It is English. Aw, hell yes! Continue reading

Daily Poem 11: Stormy Petrels

You found a hair: not yours.

The stormy petrels swarm

Around my excuses

And vanish in the calm

When you believe me.

This beautiful painting is thanks to Tammy.  Please check out the websites http://tammygravina.com/wordpress2/www,tammygravina.com/ and http://www.tammygravina.com/ They are linked on the right as well.

stormy petrel

1. the British storm petrel, Hydrobates pelagicus, of the eastern Atlantic Ocean, Mediterranean Sea, and Indian Ocean.

2. a person who causes or likes trouble or strife.

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