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The Were-Traveler Publication

Penny Dreadful is a great show btw.Just in time for the holidays: a bunch of my poems for you to read!

The Were-Traveler publishes speculative micro-fiction and poetry, with Issue #19 completely devoted to poetry with fantasy, sci-fi, or horror themes.

Five of my poems are in the issue and three of them were given lovely artistic accompaniment. I hope you enjoy them!

There are a lot of wonderful poems in the issue, so please check it out here. Links straight to my poems are below.

The Were-Traveler Issue #19

  1. After Receiving the Superpower of My Choice
  2. Princess Takane and the Raven (a ballad)
  3. Poetry Robot
  4. 8 Minutes of Sunlight
  5. A Poet is a Vampire (a sonnet)

Carousel Publication


I’m very proud to announce my publication in the newest issue of Carousel Magazine!

It’s a wild journal of “Hybrid Literature”.

You can buy a copy of Issue 37, featuring my poem “Hometown, BC” on their website.

It’s only $10 CAD + shipping.

Wisdom Crieth Without Publication

Wisdom Crieth Without, Issue 10

I have another publication to announce! My villanelle about Adam leaving Eden has been published in Wisdom Crieth Without, Issue 10. It’s an online journal, which means that you can read the poem for free here!

Wisdom Crieth Without is a journal for traditional literary arts, so it’s a great venue for my villanelle. This is the poetic form of Dylan Thomas’ famous poem “Do Not Go Gentle into that Good Night.” It uses only two rhymes and two of the full lines repeat throughout the poem. I have tried to play with the punctuation of the repeated lines to make their meaning slightly different each time. I hope you enjoy it.

Please read the rest of the journal too and admire the fine artwork that accompanies each piece of fiction and poetry.

Spellbound Publication

June 1st has been a good day thus far! My poem in Cordite came out yesterday (June 1st in Australia), and today my poem “A Dragon’s Love” was published in Spellbound! Spellbound is a fantasy e-zine for children, and it always has amazing themes. This time, it’s dragons! If you’re a teacher, you’ll also enjoy the lesson plan that Spellbound offers for free with each of its issues. Such a great concept! The ePub is $5 here.

Cordite Publication

A poem about Los Angeles written by a Canadian published in Australia. It’s online for your free viewing pleasure here. Please check out the other poems in the issue as well. Cordite is a journal primarily for Australian poets, but sometimes they accept international submissions too. Oi! Oi! Oi!

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