Woden’s Day Poems

On the Occasion of Your Engagement

Nine of Pentacles

Mirror, Dreams

Take a Deep Breath

At Yeats’ Grave

There’s Nothing Else I Want (Adam’s Villanelle)

We are the Numb


Lightning Hunter

24 Daily Poems

Daily Poem 1: Persiflage

Daily Poem 2: Abrogate

Daily Poem 3: Gnomic

Daily Poem 4: Etiolated

Daily Poem 5: Quiddity

Dialy Poem 6: Crepuscular

Daily Poem 7: Inveterate

Daily Poem 8: Dishabille

Daily Poem 9: Woolgathering

Daily Poem 10: Fungible (one of my favourites to celebrate ten days without giving up on posting these)

Daily Poem 11: Stormy Petrels

Daily Poem 12: Fulminate (The Hanged Man)

Daily Poem 13: For St. Patrick’s Day

Daily Poem 14: Korean Form

Daily Poem 16: Flummery

Daily Poem 17: Recidivism

Daily Poem 18: Flaneur (Convex Mirror)

Daily Poem 19: Berkeley

Daily Poem 20: Quixotic

Daily Poem 21: Umbrage

Daily Poem 22: Fatidic

Daily Poem 23: The Lost Numbers

Daily Poem 24: The Magician

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