Daily Poem 22: Fatidic

I possess enough common sense to call

Myself fatidic and know that it’s a lie.

Image is from Denys Arcand's Jesus of Montreal



Relating to or characterized by prophecy; prophetic.
[Latin fātidicus : fātum, prophecy, doom; see fate + dīcere, to say; see deik- in Indo-European roots.]

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2 responses to “Daily Poem 22: Fatidic

  • 105

    i haven’t seen the movie “jesus of montreal”. as much as i hold religion in general contempt, reinterpretations of religions in order to de-mystify them seems to sap of them of their magical, supernatural qualities.(and what is religion if not organized yet implausible assumptions about the unknowable?) is the movie worth a viewing? let me guess: i should find out for myself? 😀

    i like this poem because it prompts me to wonder what happens when someone doesn’t have enough common sense. i’m probably wrong: reinterpretations are needed to implant some of that necessary common sense. hence the image from the movie versus something a renaissance painting.

    • writewithlightning

      Tricksters I can deal with because you can trip them up, but when the deceivers have already deceived themselves it’s difficult to argue against what they see as Truth because they won’t listen to anything else.

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