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Take a Deep Breath

(You have to read this one out loud)

Take a Deep Breath


And speak the memory of a foreign shore

Where pastels spilled on water stroked your back

In slow exhale to revisit once more

The visible eyes in a bedroom of black

Amazed that they loved you before

The lips found the words that they lacked.

Museum of World Religions

If you are ever in Taipei, do not pass up the chance to visit the unique Museum of World Religions. You will have to leave the comfort of the English-friendly subway system and take a shuttle bus from an unmarked-in-English bus stop to the mall where it resides. My Lonely Planet Southeast Asia on a Shoestring promised that it would have depictions of ten of the world’s most influential religions, but with a street-front entrance attached to the side of a mall, the museum did not look like much. I had faith in my yellow bible, and I’ll-be-damned if it wasn’t right. Continue reading

Lightning Hunter


I captured lightning after years

Of trying—pulled the trigger when

Nothing was in my sight but fears:

The wandering fear suspended in black night,

The fear of women, fear of men,

The fear of failure, fear that fate

Had wanted clockwise circles then

When I instead passed right.

So I in darkness hoped the gate

Of gods retired from careers

Of rage would not unlock too late.

They turned the key—gave me this light.

Daily Poem 12: Fulminate (The Hanged Man)

With lightning skies above an open field,

Do you lie down in loam or hide beneath

The ash tree planted on the tumulus mound?

Do you take comfort in the soil of life

Or in the grafted branches fed with death?

I risk the tree, to hang in Odin’s wake

And face the fulminations of the wronged—

Of those I buried with Time’s eager spade

To wall them off from memory, to free

The limbs to hold another, while entombed

The dead await this rise to punish me.

So now, with lightning skies above, I let them.


\FUL-muh-nayt\ , intransitive verb;

1. To issue or utter verbal attacks or censures authoritatively or menacingly.
2. To explode; to detonate.

transitive verb:

1. To utter or send out with denunciations or censures.
2. To cause to explode.
Fulminate comes from Latin fulminare, “to strike with lightning,” from fulmen, fulmin-, “a thunderbolt.”

Daily Poem 5: Quiddity

In lightning flames my quiddity;

My lightning grounds each day;

In lightning smokes Euripides;

His Bacchae swim my way.



1. the quality that makes a thing what it is; the essential nature of a thing.
2. a trifling nicety of subtle distinction, as in argument.

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