Daily Poem 4: Etiolated

Etiolated Keats tarried from home;

Emaciated Keats buried in Rome.


[ee-tee-uh-leyt] verb,-lat·ed, -lat·ing.

–verb (used with object)
1. to cause (a plant) to whiten or grow pale by excluding light: to etiolate celery.
2. to cause to become weakened or sickly; drain of color or vigor.
–verb (used without object)
3. (of plants) to whiten or grow pale through lack of light.

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One response to “Daily Poem 4: Etiolated

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    here is my use of the word. a poem about a wondrous creature that had enchanted me, escaped, and which i cannot help but pursue. it also speaks the language of poetry.


    “The Faun-Hunt”

    Jealousy curses me since did that summer fade
    And over a year forlorn, to seek the sweet faun,
    Mellifluous lyre on hirsute haunches played,
    Evading this crippling passion, so cruelly drawn;
    So I wonder what nymphs you now seduce,
    Songs which enchanting desires induce
    That enshrine your spirit, free yet abstruse.

    Etiolating heart, I shan’t surrender the hunt,
    Vainly I pursue a creature not on the ground
    Entertaining thoughts: to catch you is an affront,
    No, your divine spirit is in this sad heart bound.
    Spears of verse, for you I must see again,
    Open my quiver, for my love you disdain,
    Now my vengeful poems shall be your pain.

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