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Clockwork Kiru Publication


Okay, so how cool is the premise of Steampunk haiku? As soon as I read about the call for poems for this anthology, I wrote a haiku about Tennyson and Browning duking it out with their war cogs and clockwork armies (because that is an obvious historical fact in the steampunk fantasy world that ticks away in the back of my mind). Yes, all that in 17 syllables (+ the title… which is usually cheating in the haiku world), but it probably helps having this explanation.

It’s in paperback at and, and createspace. I’ll update this post when the eBook becomes available.



Yup, my name is in there!


Garden Gnome Publication

Garden of EdenGet ready for some strange biblically-themed sci-fi! This collection – focused on newly-minted apocryphal stories that took place the Garden of Eden – is the first in the series. Next up from the Garden Gnome: speculative takes on Sodom and Gomorrah. My story, “A Ghost and a Thought”, is about a ghost in the garden trying to deal with the end of his own world in ages past…

Amazon e-book here.  (Yay! It was so popular so fast that the price went up…but only to $3. You should totally get a copy.)

Beer and Buttertarts Publication

An excellent themed journal on food and drink in a Canadian context. My poem “How to Make a Dirty Martini” was written in its first draft at Vancouver’s Carnegie Learning Centre (where I used to volunteer as a teacher) in a writing prompt session with the Fire Writers (who used to teach me!).

You can get a copy here: ($18 with shipping in Canada)

Joypuke Publication

Of all the journals that have honoured my work with publication, Joypuke has to be the winner for best name. A unicorn barfing up a rainbow? Yup. That’s what I think of too.

It’s an annual literary journal from Mt. Allison University and they accepted one of my favourite short poems, “We Fall”, to publish. You can e-mail their publisher, Underbridge Press, to purchase a copy at: It’s 6 bucks (probably +shipping).

Fearsome Fables 2!

Fearsome Fables IIThis announcement is a bit late, but I’m so proud to be making it! The second annual edition of Fearsome Fables (an anthology of spooky comics, stories, and poems for ages 10+) is available online in both digital ($10) and physical ($20) formats.

Once again, a bunch of my very talented friends are featured within its pages, so I definitely recommend that you grab a copy. You can also feel good about the purchase because net proceeds go to the charity Free the Children.

I’d like to thank Peter Chiykowski and Jay Paulin for inviting me back for another volume, but a HUGE thank you goes to Kala Hirtle, the devilishly talented illustrator of the comic I wrote: “Mistaken Identity”. You’re the best Kala! Also, check out Kelly Lynch’s work in the volume. She was the illustrator for the first charity anthology (What the Wild Things Read) that Jay’s Ink’d Well Comics produced. You can still get that anthology and the original Fearsome Fables too.

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