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Clockwork Kiru Publication


Okay, so how cool is the premise of Steampunk haiku? As soon as I read about the call for poems for this anthology, I wrote a haiku about Tennyson and Browning duking it out with their war cogs and clockwork armies (because that is an obvious historical fact in the steampunk fantasy world that ticks away in the back of my mind). Yes, all that in 17 syllables (+ the title… which is usually cheating in the haiku world), but it probably helps having this explanation.

It’s in paperback at amazon.ca and amazon.com, and createspace. I’ll update this post when the eBook becomes available.



Yup, my name is in there!


Beer and Buttertarts Publication

An excellent themed journal on food and drink in a Canadian context. My poem “How to Make a Dirty Martini” was written in its first draft at Vancouver’s Carnegie Learning Centre (where I used to volunteer as a teacher) in a writing prompt session with the Fire Writers (who used to teach me!).

You can get a copy here: http://www.stainedpagespress.com/shop/ ($18 with shipping in Canada)

Joypuke Publication

Of all the journals that have honoured my work with publication, Joypuke has to be the winner for best name. A unicorn barfing up a rainbow? Yup. That’s what I think of too.

It’s an annual literary journal from Mt. Allison University and they accepted one of my favourite short poems, “We Fall”, to publish. You can e-mail their publisher, Underbridge Press, to purchase a copy at: underbridge@mta.ca. It’s 6 bucks (probably +shipping).

Wisdom Crieth Without Publication

Wisdom Crieth Without, Issue 10

I have another publication to announce! My villanelle about Adam leaving Eden has been published in Wisdom Crieth Without, Issue 10. It’s an online journal, which means that you can read the poem for free here!

Wisdom Crieth Without is a journal for traditional literary arts, so it’s a great venue for my villanelle. This is the poetic form of Dylan Thomas’ famous poem “Do Not Go Gentle into that Good Night.” It uses only two rhymes and two of the full lines repeat throughout the poem. I have tried to play with the punctuation of the repeated lines to make their meaning slightly different each time. I hope you enjoy it.

Please read the rest of the journal too and admire the fine artwork that accompanies each piece of fiction and poetry.

Haiku for Lovers

HAIKU-FOR-LOVERS-300x200Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! To celebrate, why not buy your special someone an eBook of sexy haiku, featuring one of my very own 17 syllable creations? It’s only $3, and I get a share of the royalties of the sales! Pretty nifty. Continue reading

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