Sunday Morning Stranger in Your Bed: My Evil Ex

That’s right. You wake up and lying next to you—hogging your pillow—is none other than My Evil Ex! Not your evil ex. My Evil Ex. What is she doing there!?

She’s there because she’s an awesome rock band—of mostly guys—from Cork to which you should be listening. My Evil Ex creates a gritty-funky mix of genres on their iTunes available album Lust. You can also hear three tracks on their myspace page for a better sample than iTunes provides.

I heard about My Evil Ex because I couch-surfed in Ireland with the bassist (Ronan). When he told me that he was in two local bands I was worried that they’d suck and I’d be forced to lie to maintain good relations for the rest of my stay. Luckily, they’re both excellent and worth mentioning on this section of my site. Echogram, his other band, has a polished electronic rock/pop sound that you can hear on myspace.

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