Shameless Self-Promotion

One of my poems was just published in print! Yay! Except for the poetry that appears on this blog, my work has been protectively hoarded in the lair of my computer’s Documents folder. This summer, in lieu of posting here, I worked feverishly on a new batch of poems and sent them out into the world. The first to be accepted was my poem “Eating out in Vancouver”. You can find in issue two of illiterature. Available now! for only five beans.

This is my third publication. I posted about Robot Hearts before, but I never advertised my second publication: a comic I wrote for a collection called What the Wild Things Read. You can get hard copies ($15) or digital files ($7.50) of it here. Proceeds go to the charity Free the Children. The comic (about my cousin’s children) is illustrated by the ever-so-talented Kelly Lynch.

Coming soon: My short story “The Forest Waited” in Fearsome Fables comes out on October 26. Real ($20) and Digital ($10). Proceeds go to the charity Child’s Play. Thanks Ink’d Well Comics for printing these collections! And thank you Peter Chiykowski (of Rock, Paper, Cynic) for the poetic support and encouragement.


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3 responses to “Shameless Self-Promotion

  • jill hamilton

    JAMES1 This is very exciting! Congratulations to you…anxious to read this poem, I had just mentioned you to Liz yesterday…( the truth) saying you would be able to tell us about the background ideas in the film Anonymous. ( I just saw it on t.v. on the weekend.) So-o glad you are writing and that you have experienced this success! All the best from halifax!

  • joebooks


    Well done!

    Do I need to buy the magazine to read the poem? Would it help you if I did? Apologies for such obscene tightness but I’m unemployed at the moment and wondering what my next source of income is. Would higher magazine sales help your cause.

    I trust you’re well.



    • writewithlightning

      I don’t receive any monetary benefit from the sales, but of course I want people to support the magazines that support my writing. Focus on job-hunting, my friend, and buy it when you’re a rich and famous writer!

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