In My Bed Publication



I have three (yes THREE) poems in this brand new issue of In My Bed Magazine.

“Delicate(s)” is about what a weapon underwear can be in a relationship.

“Archaeology” compares removing a partner’s underwear to various archaeological discoveries.

“Dare to Wear” describes the people at the bus stop in front of my favourite Vancouver pub, which is across from a sexy-clothing shop.

The magazine is only $2.95 online (print) and is available at Chapters stores across Canada. In the US, you can find a store near you on the In My Bed website.

It is also going to be available in a digital format soon. I’ll update accordingly.

I haven’t received my copy yet, but I’m so excited to see what else is in the issue.

Here is an example of the work by the featured artist:



See why I’m excited?


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