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Pirate Hunt: A Star Wars Comic (Part 3)

Part 1 and Part 2 below.

The relic hunter is none other than the Sarco Plank!











The next comic is a scene change, and you get to finally see the “passengers” that Sidon and Quiggold are looking for.

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Pirate Hunt: A Star Wars Comic (Part 2)

Part 1 here:


This is so much fun to make! I’ve already taken a lot of photos for the next few “issues”. I hope you the comic. 🙂

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VanCAF 2016 and Star Wars Stuff

The Vancouver Comic Arts Festival is this weekend at the Yaletown Roundhouse! I will be there at a booth with Rock, Paper, Cynic. He just released a full album of amazing (i.e. geeky) songs that you’ll love, and we’ll have his books, t-shirts, posters, and other merch available.

I’ll have a few things out . . . like a new set of Star Wars haiku postcards!!! I’m so excited about these (thus the three exclamation points). They’re a great way to tell your friends how well-travelled you are through hyperspace.

I’ve also been doing a lot of photography of my Star Wars action figures lately. Force Awakens really got me re-excited about Star Wars. That and my friend Macroworlder, whose own toy-photography inspired me. I’ll be posting the beginning of a comic I’ve been writing about the pirates Sidon Ithano and Quiggold (seen offering Finn a ride in the Force Awakens). TOMORROW.

sidon ithano

Damn he looks so cool

Pretty exciting stuff! Please come see us at the festival or drop us a line on most social media. He’s @rockpapercynic; I’m @writelightning.

May the Force be with you!

Word Vancouver Festival

A new writewithlightning post means I must be doing another convention!

The Word Vancouver festival is in full swing and I will be selling posters, postcards, and chapbooks in the Alice MacKay room of the Vancouver Public Library all day Sunday (September 27). I will also have lots of my friend Peter Chiykowski’s Rock, Paper, Cynic merchandise available too.

critical hit gold

I will be doing my awesome d20 dice game where I make up a random adventure for you when you spend $10 at the booth. Your roll on the over-sized, purple, twenty-sided die determines the treasure (free stuff!) that you find on your quest. Sound effects will be provided by my booth helper and Vancouver film-guru Terry Boake of Fractured Frames.

disk save haiku

I am also giving away the floppy disk in the haiku above to the first person to mention the disk to me! Innuendo based puns receive a high-five even if I’ve already given the disk away. Warning: high-fives in this transaction may be limp.

I hope you’ll come and visit my booth! It’s my first time running a booth at Word and I’m very excited about it.

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See you at the festival!

Vancouver Comic Con

I’m going to be a special guest at Vancouver Comic Con!


It’s my first time flying solo without Rock, Paper, Cynic‘s amazing stuff on the same table, so I’m excited (and nervous!) to see how my postcards and posters do without his hilarious poster prints luring people to the booth.

I also just made a two-volume chapbook set of poetry that I will have for sale at the convention.

Chapbook-making supplies

I Saw You Vancouver is a collection of my haiku written in the underused poetic form of “missed connections” – like the “I Saw You” section of the Georgia Straight. The poems are small sketches of the diverse people who make Vancouver my favourite city in the world.

Here are two of the poems:

The worst place to get a sunburn is a nude beach.This is a poem from a book I just made! It’s a collection of “missed connection” inspired haiku about all the diverse people who live in Vancouver: the city I love. Prefer Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest ? Follow my haiku and poetry there!

Umbrellas are not useful in light rain and wind. PLEASE buy a rain coat instead.Another “missed connection” haiku. I’ll be selling my books (two volumes!) at Vancouver Comic Con tomorrow! I’m even a special guest :D Prefer Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest ? Follow my haiku and poetry there!

The book does not include any images…yet! I encourage people to illustrate the poems in their copy of the book (or get artsy friends to draw in it).

If you can’t make it to the convention, you can buy my book and postcards in my online store.

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