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It’s almost November, so I am going to re-challenge everyone I know to go out of their way do a good deed for someone every day for the entire month. To read a description of my challenge from last year, click here! It turns out I’m not the only one trying to turn others into do-gooders. I’ve recently returned to Vancouver and am thrilled to see an advertising campaign on bus stop shelters for peopleforgood.ca. Their goal:

“to make the world a better place, one good deed at a time. It may sound ambitious but it’s easier than you’d think. In fact, you could help make the world a better place right now. Just by doing something nice for someone. Rest assured, we’re not asking for money, we just want you to donate a little generosity.”

Sounds good, eh?

In other news, I met an incredibly talented group of writers at the Carnegie Centre in the Downtown Eastside. The Fire-Writers gather together to write short prose or poetry pieces based on a spontaneously concocted prompt. I had the pleasure of joining them for one session and hope to be with them for more! They recently made a chapbook—that you’ll have a difficult time getting your hands on if you don’t live in Vancouver! But fret not—they post some of their work on their blog.

I’ll be updating again soon to talk about a comic—that I wrote and that Kelly Lynch illustrated—that will be appearing in a collection for the charity Free the Children!

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