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Daily Poem 1: Persiflage

This is a project I started years ago and have performed off and on without much dedication or discipline.  The idea was to use Dictionary.com’s word of the day e-mails as inspiration for epigrams to help me remember the definition of the words (although I never did it daily and occasionally piled multiple new words into a single poem).  Sometimes serious, often sarcastic, and too frequently making me look like a jackass, the project has always been one of my favourite poetic endeavours.  I’ll do my best to post one a day and to use the website as inspiration to write more (not just epigrams) for my Daily Poem.

The accursed persiflage of those

Who can’t appreciate my art

Will tear apart

My meaning because they, of course, prefer to read my prose.



1. light, bantering talk or writing.

2. a frivolous or flippant style of treating a subject.

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