Cross-Canada Playlist: Father

My dad and I are about to begin a road trip  from coast to coast! I’m moving to Halifax, but we’re going all the way to Newfoundland first. Packing didn’t take us very long…but choosing our definitive Canadian playlists did!

Take off eh, you hoser.

We each made a playlist of 13 songs (symbolically, one for each province and territory). Narrowing down the lists was extremely difficult, even after our negotiations to avoid overlaps. We also tried (but ultimately failed) to limit artists to one song to honour as many Canadian musicians as possible. The songs didn’t have to be about Canada; they just had to be Canadian songs that we deemed necessary for a trip across the country.

I don't think our beagle could do this...

With only 26 picks between us, we were unable to include many deserving artists. Feel free to add your favourite Canadian songs in a comment!

This is my dad’s album:

1. Something to Sing About – Travellers

2. Four Strong Winds – Ian and Sylvia

3. Alberta Bound – Gordon Lightfoot

4. Harvest Moon – Neil Young

5. The Circle Game – Joni Mitchell

6. American Woman – The Guess Who

7. The Last Saskatchewan Pirate – Arrogant Worms

8. If I Had $1 000 000 – Barenaked Ladies

9. The Night Pat Murphy Died – Great Big Sea

10. Farewell to Nova Scotia – Rita MacNeil with the Men of the Deeps

11. Blues in D – Kate and Anna McGarrigle

12. I Will Remember You – Sarah McLachlan

13. Closing Time – Leonard Cohen

(songs are in ideal album order, not ranked)

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