Northwest Fan Fest


This weekend, I will be selling my haiku posters and postcards at my second convention: Northwest Fan Fest. It’s next to the New Westminster Skytrain station, so if you live in the Vancouver area, please come and check out the fest!

I’m also going to have the amazing work of my friend Peter Chiykowski at the booth.

Yup. That's Peter.

Yup. That’s Peter.

In fact, I’ll have waaaay more of his stuff than mine for sale because he’s been writing his webcomic – Rock, Paper, Cynic – for over six years.

He also has a brand-spankin’-new book out in a physical bookstore near you . . . and in an online bookstore even nearer.

Because who needs good ideas?

Because who needs good ideas?

I’ll have the books in stock at the convention for $20. I’m actually a guest writer in the book! Because I’m good at bad ideas, apparently . . .

I have also made some new prints of my own that will be available for the first time. Here’s a preview of three of them:

critical hit gold

A carpe diem poem for D&D players.



critical miss centred

“What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” . . . for D&D players.



A set of these would be awesome as game night invitations!



You can buy them in my online store (as postcards) if you can’t make it to the convention. But I hope to see you there!

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